Custom Global Drops

There's no doubt about it, White Scrolls and Chaos Scrolls as global drops are super fun and will be making an appearance on StoryMaple.

On StoryMaple, the drop rate for White Scrolls and Chaos Scrolls will decrease as the monsters get stronger. After a monster is level 80 or above, it will no longer drop White Scrolls or Chaos Scrolls. View the chart below for the drop rates that we'll be using:

Monster Level Drop Rate
Level 1 ~ 29 1 in 666
Level 30 ~ 39 1 in 952
Level 40 ~ 49 1 in 1111
Level 50 ~ 59 1 in 1333
Level 60 ~ 69 1 in 1666
Level 70 ~ 79 1 in 2222
Level 80+ No chance of dropping

Players will be able to trade 25 Chaos Scrolls for 1 Chaos Scroll of Goodness through Ginny the Wandering Soul, at the Excavation Site in Perion. Chaos Scrolls of Goodness always improve your equipment's stats, upgrading each stat by 1~5.

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