Custom HP upgrade system

You will be able to unlock HP upgrades while completing pages in your Monster Book. Cody can assist you with this in any major town.

After unlocking a monster book page, you will have the option to pay a certain amount of mesos to purchase an HP upgrade. There are 8 monster book pages in total, so each character will be able to have up to 8 HP upgrades. This also means that it will cost a total of 2,400,000,000 mesos to fully upgrade the HP of a character.

The chart below shows the amount of mesos needed for each upgrade:

Upgrade # Meso cost
1 50,000,000
2 100,000,000
3 200,000,000
4 300,000,000
5 300,000,000
6 400,000,000
7 500,000,000
8 550,000,000

The chart below shows the amount of HP gained per upgrade based on one's job or class:

Class 1 Upgrade Total (8 Upgrades)
Beginners 1000 HP 8000 HP
Warriors, Buccaneers 3200 HP 25600 HP
Magicians 800 HP 6400 HP
All other jobs 1600 HP 12800 HP

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