Party play is incredibly important. After all, MapleStory is a social game. That's why we dramatically promote party play on this server to keep things interesting.

Our Custom Party EXP formula

On this server, players will receive a 10% bonus to party EXP (EXP that is earned from other members' kills) for every additional active party member, for a maximum of 50%. A party member is deemed active if they have killed a monster in the last 30 seconds. This means that if you are in a party with 5 other party members, 2 of them being AFK, you will receive a 30% bonus to all party EXP earned.

Exclusive Party Quest Prizes

All party quests on StoryMaple have a level limit of 250, the max level. This way, players can continue to participate in party quests, even after their 3rd or 4th job advancement. Our party quests give exclusive scrolls and equipment to all those who participate in them, giving players an incentive to PQ, even after they've become quite strong.

Party Quest Prize
Kerning City PQ Best-in-slot Ear Accessory
Ludibrium PQ Best-in-slot Eye Accessory
Pirate PQ Best-in-slot Face Accessory
Ludibrium Maze PQ Exclusive Scrolls, Maple Weapons, Chaos Scrolls

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