Opening Notes

First off, we would like to send a huge thank you to our closed beta and open beta testers. We believe we are working towards a fresh, new take on pre-big bang MapleStory - one without Holy Symbol mules, without HP washing and without an annoying self-leeching meta. After watching hundreds of players party up and play together during our open beta period, we can confidently say that we have encouraged party play on this server. None of this could have been accomplished without the thoughtful feedback of everyone thus far.

If you are new here and feel intimidated by all the changes - don't worry! Here are some links to help you get acquainted with our server's features:
If you still have questions about the gameplay, pop into our Discord server and our staff and community can assist you.

Don't forget to check out our Introduction Event to get a free NLC Hair Style Coupon (VIP+)! This coupon will grant you access to hundreds of hairstyles at the New Leaf City Mall. Visit the #introduction-rules channel on our Discord server for more details.

Lastly, I want to give a quick opinion piece on the jobs of StoryMaple to better manage the expectations of players while the economy matures.

Job balance

At launch, we encourage players to play on whatever job they want, regardless of the job role. If you choose to start off with a less popular class, go for it! No matter what job you pick at first, every level counts because of our linked stat system. Every time you earn 10 levels on a unique job branch, you will get +0.5% increase to your all-stats across your account. This means that with 12 Level 250 characters, you will get a +150% increase across all of your base stats. Because you get linked stats for every unique-job character you make, no progress is ever wasted. If you change your mind later on about the job you prefer to play, you can make a new character with a different job and reap the benefits of the linked levels that you've earned in the past.

It was a joy to see players partying up in large groups, taking advantage of our party bonus EXP system. We hope everyone has a great time playing our fresh, new take on pre-big bang MapleStory. Enjoy!
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