Our Custom Party EXP formula

On this server, players will receive a 10% bonus to party EXP (EXP that is earned from other members' kills) for every additional active party member, for a maximum of 50%. A party member is deemed active if they have killed a monster in the last 30 seconds. This means that if you are in a party with 5 other party members, 2 of them being AFK, you will receive a 30% bonus to all party EXP earned.

The Removal of Holy Symbol

We have chosen to remove Holy Symbol altogether and replace it with our custom party EXP system instead. This way, we reward players for party play instead of simply having a Holy Symbol mule.

The New Harmony Skill

Priests need an EXP boost because they are often the passive leechers in a party rather than the active attackers (due to their support role). To compensate for this, we have added a new skill named Harmony. More details about Harmony and our custom party EXP system may be found in the skill rebalance section.

Nerfed Leeching

On StoryMaple, a player will only receive 20% of their normally gained party EXP if they have not killed a monster in the last 30 seconds. We have made this change to discourage players from AFK leeching.

What's next?

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