What is a progressive EXP server?

A progressive EXP server is a server where the EXP rate changes as a player levels up. The table below shows the dynamic EXP rate for our server:

Level Rate
1 - 9 1x
10 - 29 3x
30 - 49 6x
50 - 69 9x
70 - 99 15x
100 - 119 30x
120 - 199 50x
200 - 249 100x
250 -

Additionally, on our server, every time you earn 10 levels on a unique job branch, you will get +0.5% increase to your all-stats across your account. This means that with 12 Level 250 characters, you will get a +150% increase across all of your base stats.

Still can't get enough bonus stats? For every 10 quests you complete on a character, you will get +2 to all stats until you reach +110 to all stats (the maximum). Collecting Monster Cards will also grant HP bonuses.

The meso rate is 5x and the drop rate is 3x.

What is the goal of StoryMaple?

We aim to be the first CLEAN progressive EXP server. What does that mean?

(1) Less is more. We aim to carefully design the features and aesthetic of this server to be as simple and clean as possible to our players.

(2) Rather than introducing crazy amounts of post-big bang content, we aim to build this server with pre-big bang map sets only.

What's next?

Feel free to read more about StoryMaple:
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