Can I get a FREE access to hundreds of haircuts?

Check out our Introduction Event to get a free NLC Hair Style Coupon (VIP+)! This coupon will grant you access to hundreds of hairstyles at the New Leaf City Mall. Visit the #introduction-rules channel on our Discord server for more details.

From what I have read on the website, players will get +2 to all stats for every 10 quests that they complete. Are Maple Island quests counted towards this?

No. We do not want players regretting their incomplete Maple Island quests after they have left the island. Only quests outside of Maple Island will count towards your quest ring.

Furthermore, there are no level caps on our quests. You will not need to complete any quests by a certain level.

Do repeatable quests count towards my quest ring?

Yes, repeatable quests count but they only count towards your quest ring once.

Will I receive an AP reset after Maple Island?

Yes, your job instructor will reset your AP after you job advance into 1st job.

What is a good way to level up as a newcomer?

Burning Maps are maps on Victoria Island with x2 EXP. The monsters on these maps give x2 EXP so long as the map is still "burning". Type @burning in-game for more details.

Because of our custom party EXP formula, you will also get an EXP boost if you train with an active party. If you have a full party of 6 players and everyone is actively attacking monsters, you will get x3 EXP (300%!) while training on a Burning Map! Visit for more details.

How can I earn NX?

Can I vote while being online?

Yes, you will still receive your NX if you are online. Simply relog or change channels after you vote.

How do I unlock character slots?

At first, you will only have 6 character slots. Once you have 1 Level 250 character on your account, your account will automatically receive an additional 12 character slots, giving you a total of 18 character slots.

How do I expand my inventory?

You can vote in order to earn inventory expansions. Inventory expansions are 4 slots each. Visit for more information.

How do I expand my storage?

While using inventory expansions that you get from voting, you have a 10% chance to expand your storage by 4 slots as well.

How do I get a Hired Merchant?

After your 2nd job advancement, a Hired Merchant will be automatically shipped to you by mail. You can pick it up at Duey the Delivery NPC.

Is multi-clienting allowed?


Will there be pet auto HP/MP?


Is NX permanent or will they expire after a certain amount of days?

NX equipment will be permanent here. They will not expire.

How do I get Maple Weapons on this server?

Maple Weapons can be obtained from the Ludibrium Maze Party Quest at a low rate.

Have skills been rebalanced?

Yes. Visit for more details.

My Samsara and Dharma ring stats aren't updating. Help!

Relog (log out and log back in) and you'll find that their stats have updated.

I'm having trouble with the 3rd job advancement questions from the Holy Stone. Help!

Visit for the answer key.

How do I unlock my 4th job skills?

You'll have to obtain these from Pianus. Visit for more details.

Will I lose any AP or SP for job advancing late?

For 1st job, you will get SP for every level that you over-leveled by. You will get your bonus AP and SP for 2nd, 3rd and 4th job advancement, no matter when you do it.

Is Gachapon universal on this server?

Yes. Gachapon machines have a universal prize pool, no matter the town. In other words, all Gachapon machines will give you the same prizes.

I heard HP washing has been disabled. How do I upgrade my HP?

Cody can help you upgrade your HP if you collect Monster Cards and pay him mesos. Type @cody in-game for more details.

Are there hairs and faces from higher-versions on this server?

Visit Mani and V. Isage at the New Leaf City Mall to view their large selection of hairs and faces. You will need NLC VIP+ Coupons from the Cash Shop to use their services though!

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