Players Online
Progressive EXP
Single digit EXP rates? *yawn*
Welcome to the future.
Read more about our EXP rate here.
Linked Stats
Every 10 levels on each unique
class branch gives the whole account
a +0.5% stat bonus.
Item Enhancement
All equipment can be enhanced for bonus stats.
The higher the final stats on the equip,
the higher the bonus gain per level.
No HP Washing
Optional HP washing isn't good enough.
HP washing will be impossible on this server.
Read about it here.
Global Drops
White/Chaos Scrolls will drop at a rate
of 1/666. Trade in your Chaos Scrolls
for CSOG! Read about it here.
Strong Anti-cheat
Strong anti-cheat.
Professional DDoS protection.
Built-in dupe detection.
No Holy Symbol
That's right, no more Holy Symbol mules.
Read about our decision, alongside
our nerfed leeching system here.
Skill Rebalance
Your favorite jobs, revamped.
Subtle changes to keep the nostalgic feel.
Read more about our skill rebalance here.
Party Play
What is a social game without partying?
Party quests and bossing will be central
to this server. Read about it here.
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